The Sneaky Russian Elite Who Claim to be Pro-Ukraine

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War Day 651: Whos StrugglingRussia or Ukraine?.

18:14, 06.12

War Day 650: Who Is Being Honest About Ukraine?.

17:01, 05.12

Weekly Report with TVPWorld : Zelenskyy vs Klitschko as the war freezes over.

01:00, 05.12

War Day 649: Biden Doesnt Want Ukrainian Victory; Klychko Questions Zelenskiy; the Strange Blockade.

19:18, 04.12

Soldiers of Ukraines 47th Mech Brigade engaged and destroyed a Russian assault unit at close range with the assistance of an M2A2 Bradley IFV.

11:20, 04.12

War Day 646: Mystery Dark Victim Soul vs. Cheerful Bright Resistance.

18:23, 01.12

Kissingers Bread-and-Circus Freedom vs Ukraines Maidan Revolution.

09:45, 01.12

"Kherson Oblast, Ukrainian forces released what is most likely some of the first footage of a US-supplied AGM-88 HARM anti-radar missile hitting, and destroying, a Russian Buk-M2 SAM system.

22:26, 30.11

War Day 645: What I Learned From Going to Baseball Games with Henry Kissinger.

17:08, 30.11

War Day 644: Russia and Hamas Employ Parallel Tactics to Undermine Support for Ukraine and Israel.

16:40, 29.11

Weekly Report with TVPWorld : Germany rubber stamping Ukraine partitions... again.

00:29, 29.11

CAFE OF FREE SPIRITS, PART ONE: Want to Understand Ukraine? Heres a Virtual Visit to the Caf of Free Spirits.

22:51, 28.11

War Day 643: Words from a Welsh Warrior in Ukraine, as Intrigue Unfolds in Kyiv.

17:02, 28.11

War Day 642: Politicians and Press Are Wrong. Ukraine Right Now Is Strong.

19:40, 27.11

Help us get a truck for Reg from Wales, leading soldiers in Donbas.

18:24, 27.11

Link to the Ukrainian institute post:.

10:05, 25.11

LAND OF THE FREE PODCAST: Why Ukrainians Are Stronger Than Corruption Deborah Fairlamb.

09:51, 24.11

War Day 637: Its snowing peacefully in Kyiv. This is not a small detail.

20:26, 22.11

A Ukrainian "Lancet", so to speak. A Ukrainian produced loitering munition in action on the Kherson front. The "Vidsich" UAV has a 2-3kg warhead and a range of 40km.

12:00, 22.11

War Day 636: A Decade After the Maidan Uprising, the Bells of Freedom and Resistance Ring in Ukraine.

17:08, 21.11

War Day 635: A Pianists Melody Echoes in a Kyiv Park, While Ukraine Deflects Russian Winter Attacks.

17:52, 20.11

As the Snow Falls in Kyiv, Ukraine is Actually Winning.

16:31, 19.11

Taras Topolia has been serving as a medic on the front lines against the Russian invaders. But as lead man of the band Antytila, hes also one of Ukraines top rock stars. Hes lived in two realities in wartime: caring for the wounded in terrifying situations and also joining the likes of Bono and U2 to sing in the Kyiv Metro.

21:10, 17.11

War Day 632: Moscows Allies Call for Negotiations, As Ukraine Grows Stronger and Russia Loses Steam.

17:24, 17.11

War Day 631: Hamas, Russia Want Israelis, Ukrainians to Be Strangers in Their Own Lands.

16:10, 16.11

War Day 630: Will the West Seize Opportunity Amid Russian Navy Chaos?.

16:25, 15.11

War Day 629: Many Try to Hide It, But Ukraines Got Russia in a Bind.

16:09, 14.11

War Day 628: Russias Slowdown Goes Unnoticed. Plus: Why David Cameron?.

17:04, 13.11

When I ask Ukraine-skeptic Americans why they dont support the cause, often the answers are simple: e.g., We see all the Hollywood stars going there, and we just dont trust those elites.

10:43, 13.11

War Day 625: Ukraine Is Steadily Deleting Russian Assets in Crimea.

16:07, 10.11

13th November

War Day 628: Russia's Slowdown Goes Unnoticed. Plus: Why David Cameron?

JP Lindsley

10th November

War Day 625: Ukraine Is Steadily Deleting Russian Assets in Crimea

JP Lindsley