The Sneaky Russian Elite Who Claim to be Pro-Ukraine

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War Day 820: Are the Soviets Really Gone?.

22:59, 24.05

War Day 819: While America Restrains Ukraine, Russians Pound Kharkiv.

21:32, 23.05

WAR DAY 818: F16 Training Complete, But Will the Jets Ever Arrive?.

07:37, 23.05

War Day 817: Why Cant Ukraine Fire Back?.

15:21, 22.05

Ukrainian Strike Decimates Russian Vessels Kharkiv Update.

08:01, 21.05

War Day 816: Good News in Crimea, Bad Day in Kharkiv.

22:35, 20.05

War Day 814: Is the US Tying Ukraines Hands?.

20:47, 18.05

War Day 814: Ukrainians Evacuate People and Puppies Under Fire, While Russians Do What?.

14:01, 17.05

WAR DAY 813: The USA Wont Let Ukraine Hit Russian Missile Launchers. Why?.

12:29, 17.05

WAR DAY 812: Anthony Blinken Rocks in Kyiv, Russians Rock Kharkiv.

21:59, 15.05

Ukraine Monitoring the Arrival of US Weapons HIMARS, ATACMS, F 16s More.

10:51, 15.05

War Day 811: What Made Russias Kharkiv Incursion Possible?.

22:06, 14.05

War Day 810: Kharkiv Challenges, Fatimas Russia Warning.

07:00, 14.05

The confirmed Russian units that are participating in the offensive in Kharkiv Oblast. A VDV regiment was just confirmed as being apart of the Offensive. Heavy fighting ongoing outside Vovchansk.

19:35, 13.05

War Day 810: Fatimas Secret Russian Warning.

19:01, 13.05

War Day 807: But your ancestors will always follow you from heaven: Eurovision, Kharkiv, and Holding On.

18:20, 11.05

War Day 805: Converting Sadness Into Strength.

19:55, 08.05

War Day 804: Margaret Thatchers Warning About Putins Fake Majesty.

11:50, 08.05

War Stories: The Foreign Fighters Who Still Stand With Ukraine.

10:13, 08.05

The interview with foreign fighters in 130 battalion of 241 Territorial Defense Brigade coming soon!.

07:34, 08.05

The interview with foreign fighters in 130 battalion of 241 Territorial Defense Brigade coming soon!.

07:20, 08.05

Delayed, Too Small But Direly Needed. Where Are The ukraineaid Weapons?.

14:52, 07.05

War Day 803: Ukrainians Do This Like No One Else in the World ...

20:09, 06.05

War Day 800 Days of the Big War: Folklore of Good vs Evil Becomes Real Life.

11:00, 04.05

Instagramhttps:www.instagram.comjplindsley Joe Lindsley - , 2 WGN. .

17:00, 03.05

War Day 799: Muga Maga, Carpathian Calm, and Odesa Outrage.

21:52, 02.05

War Points: MUGA in order to MAGA: Marjorie Taylor-Greene Accidentally Inspires Ukrainians.

20:52, 02.05

War Day 798: In a Lviv Train Station, Passengers Stand to Pray for the Dead.

05:43, 02.05

War Day 797: Russia Brutalizes Russian-Speaking Odesa.

11:20, 01.05

"I was blind but now I see": How Speaker Mike Johnson has changed.

08:02, 30.04

13th November

War Day 628: Russia's Slowdown Goes Unnoticed. Plus: Why David Cameron?

JP Lindsley

10th November

War Day 625: Ukraine Is Steadily Deleting Russian Assets in Crimea

JP Lindsley