The Sneaky Russian Elite Who Claim to be Pro-Ukraine

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War Day 782: Ukrainian Spirit Is Heavy After Witnessing How Swiftly Biden Helps Israel.

21:24, 15.04

War Day 779: The Idea of "If": the how and the why of life.

18:18, 13.04

War Day 778: Russians Pound Kharkiv but Kharkivs Citizens Hold Their Ground.

10:34, 12.04

War Day 777: The Real Life Superheroes, As If In a Film.

11:45, 11.04

War Day 776: Reporting from a Kharkiv Sidewalk, as Russians Attack.

11:45, 10.04

Ukraine Says It Is Behind A Blaze On A Russian Warship In The Baltic Sea.

08:25, 10.04

This is part of our series on the extraordinary people of Kharkivpeople who would be arrested or murdered under Russian occupation. Want to prevent that hell? You can. Send weapons. As General Custer said, Come on. Be quick. Bring packs.

07:55, 09.04

War Day 775: The Catholic Parish in Ukraine Overlooking Russia: Still Standing Under Daily Hellfire.

18:04, 08.04

WAR DAY 772: Incoming Missiles vs Incoming Donations.

14:15, 06.04

War Day 771: USA to Ukraine: Let Russian Drones Attack.

00:02, 05.04

War Day 770: Why Doesnt the USA Want Ukraine to Hit Russian Military Targets?.

19:12, 03.04

War Day 769: From Gaza to Ukraine, the World Central Kitchen Keeps Cooking, Sometimes Unto Death.

19:59, 02.04

War Day 768: Fact Is, Ukraine is Winning in the Black Sea.

16:17, 02.04

War Day 765: Who Was Edith Stein, and Why Do Her Words Matter Today?.

23:48, 29.03

War Day 764: Russians Pledge to Level Kharkiv. Kharkiv People Refuse to Flee.

22:13, 28.03

War Day 763: Whats Ukraine Doing in Crimea?.

10:10, 28.03

War Day 762: Four Examples of Moscows Narrative Control.

22:48, 26.03

Putin lies about the Crocus City Hall attack and tries to bomb Kyiv.

19:25, 26.03

War Day 761: Until Russia Releases WSJ Reporter, We Cant Know the Reality.

22:04, 25.03

Recently UFN team visited militaries in Izium region and made an interview. Full episode will be posted soon.

00:37, 25.03

War Day 757: Indomitable Spirit vs 30 Moscow Missiles.

19:50, 21.03

War Day 756: Jazz Amid Hellfire, the Story of Kharkiv.

23:12, 20.03

War Day 755: Russians Are Dropping Chemicals from Drones.

20:16, 19.03

Rock Rachon: Macrons Gambit and the strange fate of EUs promises of ammo for Ukraine.

12:32, 19.03

VIDEO: Tucker Says Moscow Makes Beautiful Architecture. Well, look at this ...

11:57, 19.03

War Day 754: Moscow Keep Destroying But Ukrainians Are Already Rebuilding.

17:35, 18.03

SPECIAL: Do You Know of the Connections Between Irish and Ukrainians?.

20:31, 16.03

War Day 751: Russia Must Lose: Macron Reminds Putin that France Too is.a Nuclear Power.

18:03, 16.03

War Day 750: Russian Freedom Legion Pushes Against Putin. And Is Europe Finding Its Soul?.

13:10, 15.03

War Day 749: Who Has the Momentum, Ukraine or Russia?.

22:37, 13.03

13th November

War Day 628: Russia's Slowdown Goes Unnoticed. Plus: Why David Cameron?

JP Lindsley

10th November

War Day 625: Ukraine Is Steadily Deleting Russian Assets in Crimea

JP Lindsley